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Thank you for visiting my website LAST UPDATED 17th April 2014.  
17.04.14. ’I bought one of your guides and whereas before you could see daylight between my dovetails, they are really quite good now!’ Thank you. Julian, Kent, UK.  
16.04.14. ’Received the dovetail guide ok, thanks. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Great idea!’ John, Yorks, UK.  
15.04.14. ’Thank you David, the delivery just arrived. The cutting gauge is like a jewel. Tapio, Finland.  
13.04.14. ’David, many thanks for something so beautifully machined, well designed and well packaged. Had a most enjoyable dovetailing morning, really ingenious that something so simple can make me look so good and give so much enjoyment! Philip, Ireland.  
12.04.14. ’The tools are truly handsome and arrived ’shipshape and Bristol fashion’ and have already earned their keep’. Alan, CA, USA.  
10.04.14. ’The guides were extremely well packed and I’m very impressed with the quality of the tools. I’m definitely a happy customer! Patrick, Belgium.  
04.04.14. ’Thanks David, lovely tools mate, well packaged and great service. Rey, Essex, UK.  
01.04.14. ’The dovetail guide is so cool! I found it very easy to use but need to work on my skills. It’s the right tool at the right time.’ Jim, MD, USA.  
31.03.14. ’I received the guides today, they are beautifully done. that was the most professional packaged item I have ever recieved, it would have withstood a tornado!’ Don, PA, USA.  
28.03.14 ’I’m really happy with the dovetail guide and saw.’ Jake, Somerset, UK.  
25.03.14. ’The dovetail tools arrived just now, I’ve already had a go. The dovetail worked out great on my second attempt. Awesome tools. Brian, NSW, Australia.  
23.3.14. ’Received my tools this morning, thanks for the quick delivery, I love the chisel hammer, a pleasure to use.....’ Terry, Notts, UK.  
19.03.14. ’Tip top tools! So chuffed! Terry,Yorkshire, UK.  
13.03.14. ’I got my guide tonight and took some practise cuts, cool! Thank you for getting it out so quickly... and for the hand written note, a nice touch.’ Ray, USA.  
11.03.14. ’I am so pleased with my work bench and know I’ve made the right choice. It’s so sturdy and a lovely height. I can’t wait to start using it later this week.’ Roger, Cornwall, UK.  
10.03.14. ’I received my tools this afternoon and I’m very pleased which is truly an understatement! The quality, fit and finish is very high and everything works well. Thank you.’ David, OR, USA.  
08.03.14. ’I received your magnetic guide in the mail today. I’ve spent a couple of hours with it and I’m very pleased. The hand written note was a nice touch, I’m keeping that.’ John, GA, USA.  
07.03.14. ’Just wanted to say that the dovetail guide arrived today. Thanks for offering an awesome product but also for answering the questions I had earlier. You have definitely made me a fan, God Bless!’ Luke, IL, USA.  
26.02.14. ’I’m enjoying your tools immensely, I’ve gotten many compliments on your knife from friends’ Ally, Hawaii, USA.  
25.02.14. ’I just received your dovetail guide and saw and immediately went out to my shop to try them. They worked perfectly right out of the box.’ Patrick, CA, USA.  
21.02.14. ’Thank you so much for the great dovetail guide and the beautiful marking knife.’ Frank, NJ, USA.  
20.02.14. ’I thought you’d like to know I received the 372 saw and 90 degree guide today, they were in perfect condition and VERY well packed! So I immediately went down to the shop and tried them out. Beautiful!’ Geo, USA.  
18.02.14. ’Many thanks for my order, I’m very pleased with the dovetail parts especially the alignment board. This is a great example of fine workmanship and something for me to aim for’. Paul, Wiltshire, UK.  
10.02.14. ’The guides arrived last week, I’ve already cut about 20 dovetails with them, yes a lot easier than cutting them by eye. Well made products, thanks.’ Michael, Queensland, Australia.  
06.02.14. ’In 2013 I ordered and received your dovetail guide. I absolutely love it: it’s helped to train my hand and eyes and gives me confidence to tackle difficult and unusual situations. So thanks for the brilliant idea!’ Laury, Vermont, USA.  
03.02.14. ’Just wanted to let you the tools arrived last Thursday and have already been used to cut a test dovetail with much better results than I was getting when sawing freehand, thank you.’ Jay, Kansas, USA.  
30.01.14. ’The dovetail guides arrived today and I have already had a highly successful test drive in the basement. These are wonderful guides. Thank you very much.’ Bill, Maryland, USA.  
29.01.14. ’Thank you so much for all the items, I was like a child at Christmas!  
The quality of the tools you produce is fantastic, I will be ordering some of your planes next.’ Gareth, Northern Ireland.  
26.01.14. ’Love your You Tube videos very clear and precise. Have borrowed one of your dovetail guide systems (372 saw + 1:7 guide) off a friend and I’m so impressed I’d like to buy one myself’. Luke, Suffolk, UK.  
25.01.14. ’Love the guide you sent me, works like a charm!’ Mike Colorado, USA  
20.01.14. ’I bought the 1:6 dovetail guide and your DVD’s 8 months ago and I’m very pleased. The guide works great and I really enjoyed and learned from the DVD’s.’ Ulf, Sweden.  
19.01.14. ’My tools arrived on Friday. What can I say, I’m so happy with them! I love the saw (372) it feels great in the hand and is a pleasure to use. And your mini smoother is awesome! Thank you.’ Andy, NSW, Australia.  
14.01.14. ’I must say I’m very impressed with both the hammer and the guide. A real feeling of quality in both items, can’t wait to try them’ Robert, Norway.  
11.01.14. ’I received the tools (dovetail guide and 372 saw) this week and am very pleased. I have already cut a nice dovetailed box and the joinery was perfect. The video and tools are great and I may be in touch about more of them soon. Andrew, MA, USA.  
09.01.14. ’Thank you for sending me the dovetail guide and saw, I should have bought them years ago!’ Bob, Wales, UK.  
08.01.14. ’I have just unboxed my chisel hammer and I have to write to tell you how delighted I am with the quality and balance of the tool’ Kevin, Stoke on Trent, UK.  
07.01.14. ’My tools arrived extremely fast, the only problem is they look too nice to use! Thank you for the extremely high quality tools.’ Mike, Massachusetts USA.  
05.01.14. ’Thank you so much for the tools, very happy with them. The marking knife is amazing and feels really good in the hand.’ Kev, Norfolk, UK.  
04.01.14. ’Just received your package (372 saw and guide), I am practicing 20 minutes now and I can say ’It really works!’ Thank you for sending the items so fast. Mike, Germany.  
30.12.13. ’I just received your parcel, what eye candy, the parcel was beautifully made up. I had a look at the tools and very happy with how they look, I’m going to wait until next year to use them I want a new start in 2014’ Seddon, Australia.  
25.12.13. ’The dovetail guide arrived on Monday, I can’t tell you how happy I am with it. I prepared myself for disappointment, I knew it couldn’t possibly make dovetailing as easy as your You Tube video made it seem ... but it did! I couldn’t believe it. What a great little jig.’ Sam, Michigan, USA.  
17.12.13. ’Today morning, I received your first shipment, with hammer and dovetail guide, both superb tools!!’ Angel, Spain.  
13.12.13. ’The 1:8 guide and saw I ordered a few months ago are outstanding. I was able to build 6 dovetailed drawers for a friends vanity unit with no missed cuts or the need for ANY paring. Thanks you for bringing us a system and approach that is second to none’ Jim B. CT USA  
09.12.13 ’Thank you for the swift delivery and an excellent saw. Your You Tube videos are brilliant, clear and precise.’ TT Surrey UK  
06.12.13 ’I have just received the parcel, thank you so much for your help, everything looks fantastic! MM Perth Australia.  
04.12.13. ’Thank you for the goods I received on Monday, very well packed. I’ve been very busy ever since and the saw is brilliant! MC Co Galway Ireland  
28.11.13 ’I received my package today and I’m thrilled. The ebony handle on the marking knife is like a fine piece of furniture and the dovetail guide is beautifully crafted’. GJ Maryland USA.  
22.11.13. ’I’ve been using your dovetail guide for a few months with spectacular results. I can’t believe how easy it is to create beautiful joints with this tool’. GS County Down, Northern Ireland.  
17.11.13. ’Got back from my trip to NYC and the tools were waiting for me. Beyond my expectation! Perfect workmanship and design, can’t wait to get into the shop and put them to use. The plane is a thing of beauty. I’ve made a few planes but never reached this perfection, thanks!’ JH OH USA.  
07.11.13. ’I just wanted to let you know I received both guides in the post yesterday in perfect condition. Thank you again for your advice and quick responses’. CN APO AE USA  
06.11.13. ’The tools arrived yesterday and they are wonderful! I cannot wait to give them a try. Thank you for the great packaging and super fast shipping! AC IN USA’.  
30.10.13 ’Thanks for the tools, they are great! Some guys from my school will order some stuff from you later today’. MD Denmark.  
1.11.13. ’Thanks very much for the tools, they are of phenomenal quality and a joy to use. ZM New York USA’  
30.10.13 ’Just wanted to let you know I have received the mini smoother yesterday and would like to thank you for picking such a nice one for me. It’s a charming and beautifully made little plane and will be getting plenty of action’ MS Czech Republic  
28.10.13. ’I’ve just received my dovetail guide and I can’t wait to use it, very nice product and well finished, congratulations!’ FR Sao Paulo Brazil.  
25.10.13 ’I’m finding the guide has greatly improved both my accuracy and speed and I love the feel of the hammer. Very happy with it all!’ MC Bucks UK.  
25.10.13. ’Received the order today. The new guides are going to work great. Your craftsmanship with the tools you build and the furniture you make is outstanding. I have many of your tools and I am happy I bought all of them’ KH Nebraska USA.  
12.10.13 ’Thanks very much for the tools they exceeded all expectation! I only got to open them today as it’s my birthday and my wife insisted that I wait!’ SB Bedfordshire UK.

david barron furniture is made from the finest solid wood

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